Adderbury Lunch Club Community Events

We have been enjoying the twice monthly Adderbury Community Lunches for many years now, and in particular, I would like you to pass on our most sincere thanks to all the people at Dovecote Events who help to prepare the meals. The food is consistently good, being tasty and well cooked, with a good variety of menu choices, including delicious desserts. Providing pre-prepared hot food to the Library, with its limited kitchen facilities, is quite an art!

The company also makes a greatly valued contribution to our village through their generosity in entertaining us all in the summer and at Christmas time at the Bo Peep venue. As newcomers to Adderbury, we have really valued the opportunity which these lunches have offered - to meet people and form new friendships. You have helped create a really wonderful atmosphere in which we can enjoy our meal and warm companionship. Thank you.